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Welcome To The Memorial_Page Where This Page Is Dedicated To Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed Into The Light May Their Spirits Soar and Roam The Heavens

In The Loving Memory Of  Nancy (1944-2005) The Mother Of  Kevin aka RavnosNightBlade May Her Spirit Soar The Heavens And May She Rest In The Comfort Of God Where She Is Safe and Protected

In The Loving Memory Of My Father George J Beilchick Sr (1948-1993) May His Spirit Soar Throughout The Heavens May God Comfort Him In His Arms.We Miss You And Love You Dad Mom and Daughters And Your Sons

I dedicate this page to our brothers and sisters within the Gay Community who have passed away from HIV/AIDS may their spirits soar in the heavens everyone is sadly missed in the Gay And Lesbain Community

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