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Lasombra Clan Info


Clan Status - Sabbat

The Lasombra is the Sabbat clan of leadership. The members of this clan tend to be the most loyal and aggressive vampires in the sect. Their success in destroying the clan's non-Sabbat members gives them an additional level of prestige. Some say Lasombra Methuselahs of the Inconnu have survived and wish to bring down their treacherous childer. There are also some Lasombra antitribu, members of the clan outside the Sabbat. Some of them are members of the Camarilla, but most serve their own interests.

The Lasombra are natural leaders. They rose to lead the Sabbat soon after the Brujah leaders betrayed the anarchs. The Lasombra knew they would be severely punished for the destruction of their elders, so they had to keep the remaining anarchs strong. The Lasombra took the lead role in organizing the remaining anarchs into the Sabbat. Since that time, they have always enjoyed a great deal of prestige within the sect. All but one of the Regents have been of this clan. Most Lasombra are members of founded packs since it is easier for them to increase their power that way.

The Lasombra are loyal to the Sabbat, but they also believe it is their right and responsibility to be the strongest leaders of the sect. Lasombra often fight over who should lead among them, but they prefer other Lasombra to the members of other clans. There is less intrigue in the Sabbat than the Camarilla, but what does exist is found among the Lasombra.

The Lasombra are just as concerned about freedom as the other clans of the Sabbat, but they view the means of holding onto that freedom a little differently. They emphasize the control of mortal political, religious and financial institutions as a way of defending the Sabbat from threats. The Lasombra maintain the largest number of retainers of any clan in the Sabbat. They maintain agents in many positions of power and have implanted spies throughout the world. These agents are loyal to the Sabbat, but they answer directly to the Lasombra. After all, the Lasombra consider what is good for their clan to be good for the sect.

Even more than the Ventrue and Tremere, the Lasombra are masters of intrigue. Rather than erect the genteel facade of the aforementioned clans, however, the Lasombra are openly competitive and warlike. Lasombra maintain their often tenuous control over their Sabbat brethren through a mixture of force, espionage and manipulation, often guiding the other clans without said clans' realization. The word "Machiavellian" aptly describes the members of the clan. Stealth and cunning are second nature to them, to the point that they have developed an affinity with and control of the forces of night and shadows.

Before the Anarch Revolt, most of the Lasombra made their homes around the Mediterranean. The clan established extensive control over the mortal politics and religion of the region. They established a spy network reaching all the way through Western Europe, Russia and Europe's colonial properties in the New World. After destroying their elders, the Lasombra anarchs were forced to flee north into the Scandinavian countries. It was here that the Sabbat developed into a real sect. Because the Camarilla tried to put an end to the fledgling sect, the Lasombra prompted the massive migration of Sabbat to the New World.

Nickname - Keepers (as in brother's)

Appearance - The Lasombra of the earlier generations are mostly of Spanish or Italian ancestry. The younger ones are of many different peoples. Most Lasombra dress well. They love wealth and often wear expensive jewelry and drive fancy cars.

Haven - Most younger Lasombra do not maintain private havens, preferring the pack's communal haven. Most of the elder Lasombra prefer their own private havens, but stay with their pack when necessary.

Background - Lasombra choose mortals who demonstrate a lust for power. They often pick those already possessing political or financial influence. They look for the brightest and most cunning of kine to strengthen the Sabbat.

Character Creation - Lasombra can have any Demeanor, but their Natures tend to be leader-oriented. Social Attributes are primary and Mental Attributes are usually secondary. Although most Lasombra have high Leadership scores, any type of Ability can be primary. Background Traits include Contacts, Influence, Mentor, Resources, Retainers and Sabbat Status.

Clan Disciplines - Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence

Weaknesses - Due to a side effect of their Obtenebration Discipline, the members of this clan can no longer be seen in mirrors, nor can they appear in photographs or on film. This allows them to bypass security cameras and the like, but makes it relatively easy to detect them as vampires. Many Lasombra have human or ghoul retainers who groom them.

Preferred Paths - The most popular Paths are the Path of Power and the Inner Voice and the Path of Honorable Accord. The Lasombra also lead in trying to seek out and destroy the Path of Evil Revelations. Even if a Lasombra does not follow the Path of Honorable Accord, she is expected to treat others of her clan honorably. Others outside the clan have noted, however, that many who follow the Path of Evil Revelations are Lasombra.

Organization - The Lasombra is not a closely knit clan, but it does hold meetings, called conventicles, at least four times a year. A separate conventicle is held in each archdiocese; this meeting is open to any clan members in the territory at the time. The meetings serve as a chance for clan members to keep up with happenings among other members. The conventicles coordinate clan support for causes that can aid the clan as well as the Sabbat. The Vaulderie plays an important role in the conventicle, strengthening the clan's bonds. It is also a place to observe all the intrigue and rivalry among clan members as they struggle against the Vaulderie.

Prestige - The Lasombra prefer their members to compete with one another and to pursue their own personal goals. However, any clan member who hurts the clan's position or reputation will receive draconian punishment. Lasombra gain Prestige whenever they succeed in becoming leaders in the Sabbat, especially at the expense of a non-Lasombra leader. They also receive Prestige for successfully increasing the wealth and influence of the clan. Prestige is very important to Lasombra, but they downplay this fact in the presence of non-Lasombra. They do not want other Sabbat questioning their leaders' loyalty.

Example of a Lasombra Mentality

"It's true that I seek to lead my coven, but only because I do a better job than any of the others. I would look favorably on any efforts you might make to assist me for the good of our beloved sect. I'm sure you know that if I were to become leader your own ideas for the betterment of our Sabbat would have a much greater chance of succeeding. Besides, there may be something I can do for you as well."