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Caitiff Clan Info

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 Seduced and abandoned by their sires, the Caitiff are everywhere on the fringes of Camarilla society. Clanless and unwanted, the Caitiff are the results of one-night stands, infatuations, frenzied Embraces and outright mistakes.

Nickname: Trash
Sect: Most are Camarilla, few are Sabbat
Appearance: Caitiff often appear as more poorly dressed versions of their accepted cousins, aping Toreador- or Brujah-style on a rather limited budget
Haven: Caitiff make their havens everywhere
Clan Disciplines: None
Weakness: Caitiff can purchase any discipline at character creation, but thereafter have to pay six times current rating for any and all powers purchased with experience points
Quote: "I didn't ask to have this done to me. I didn't ask to be a vampire. But since one of you high-and mighty SOBs did it to me, and I'm one of you now, I'll be damned if I'm gonna be a peon for the rest of eternity"

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