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Harbringers of Skulls Clan Info

A recent addition to the Sabbat, the bloodline calling itself the Harbringers of Skulls, claimes a history of treachery, for which it seeks to exact a hellish vengeance. Members of the bloodline are quite powerful without exception, and they cliam to have returned from their banishment to the realms of the dead.
Nickname Lazarenes (after Lazarus, who observed Christ's return from the dead)

Sect: Sabbat

Appearance: The Harbringers of Skulls have an emaciated corpse like appearance, accentuated by fles that shrinks to fit the vampires' skulls

Haven: Lazarenes prefer their own, private havens
Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Necromancy
Weakness: Regardless of the quantity of blood a Harbringer of Skulls consumes, their skin maintains a deathly pallor. All social rolls invlolving the appearance trait automatically fail for Harbringers of Skulls

Quote: "Nothing - nothing - nurns as hot as the wound left by the knife of treachery, especially when it been left to faster foreones"