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Story of Sherine

This story is about the vampire that Ann is currently playing.

This page will be updated after each time Ann has played.
On the fourteenth of february, 1777 I was born in Chicago, alogn with my twin brother. My mother was a Negro and my father was white. I also had an older brother called Mikey. I'm called Sherine and my twin brother is called James. I look like my father: I have his green eyes and his small nose. In 1795 my father died in an accident and two years after that my mother committed suicide. Mike had already left home when this happened but my twin brother and I hadn't.
After a while James started to act strangely. I began to ask him questions about it and he told me what was going on. He had met a man called Stefan Rutigar. This man was a vampire and he wanted to give my brother the immortal life he had. But James couldn't live without me, so he wanted Stefan to give me this life as well. On the 14th of february 1798 we became vampires.
My older brother Mikey was told that we were murdered. He was devastated and I decided that I would reveal myself to him. So I did. He was very happy to see me and I told him what had happened. It came as a shock to him, and he promised me not to tell anybody about this. I offered him the same immortal life but he didn't want it. I honoured his decision. I never lost contact with him and I was with him when he died at an old age.
But back to Rutigar. He hated me. He thought of me as a weakling. He learned James a lot and I learned it from James. When James was ready he left New York and we lost contact. I stayed with Rutigar. I hated that man. He was an idealist. He always got on my nerves. He didn't called me Sherine, he called me weakling. One day I decided it was enough. I would show him I wasn't a weakling! When he least expected it I drove a stak at his heart. I believe he was surprised! Anyway, I got a little of his blood on my hand and I tasted it. It tasted very well and I sucked him empty. The only thing left of him was ash. I felt good.
I hid until, I think, 1984. I decided to get a job. So I volunteered at the policestation for the nightshifts. I got the job. I did this for about ten years. I decided I had seen enough of Chicago and moved to Baltimore. And I became a cop there. Now for four years already. I was in the Camarilla in that stage of my life. I searched for my brother and we regained contact with eachother. I had two childer then: Jack, a bankmanager and William, a plastic surgeon. I also had a ghoul: Kevin, a cop. Kevin was like a toy for me. He was totally on love with me and the only thing was that that love wasn't real love.
I loved to go out, I still do, and that's how I met my husband. One evening I decided to go to the biggest club in town: the "Laalaa club". I went to the bar and sat down like I normally did. And then this really cute single guy came along and offered me a drink. I accepted it. He asked me if I would like to dance with him and so I did. I found out he was the owner of the club. I decided to make him a ghoul, not knowing he already was one. I slept at his place. Since his room didn't have any windows it wasn't a problem for me. I thought it was strange but I didn't say anything about it. The next night he told me that he knew what I was, and he told me he was a ghoul. I could not believe it. Then he told me he was 400 years old and he had follow me my whole life. I was amazed. He had seen me being born, he had seen me growing up. He had followed me for 221 years! So I took him home that night.
And that was a big mistake. Kevin was very jealous of Jerry. Because he knew Jerry was very special to me, more than he was. So Kevin tried to kill Jerry. But Jerry survived and Kevin didn't. The next night I found Jerry badly hurt and I saw a corpse. It was the corpse of Kevin. My love for Jerry grew every day and we decided to get married. In the mean while i had left the Camarilla and joined the Sabbat because I had two childer. I got my own pack, called the Bravopack. There were four of us in the pack: Etan Benjair, Jack, William and me. But soon a fifth member came along: Damien, a Pander.
I met a lot of my friends. Like Challec. I was riding at full speed on my Harley Davidson when I almost hit another bike and a taxi. I stopped and looked if everything was O.K. Then the guy on the motorbike began swearing at me. So I rode towards him and stopped. He was still calling me names. So I kicked his bike from under his butt and I rode away. He started shooting at my bike and hit it. I got of my bike and went into a frenzy, because my motorbike is my baby. I started runnig towards him. He got on his bike and started driving away, the Damien got out of the taxi and shot his bike. I never caught Challec. But I was still in frenzy and I had to release my anger. So I did that on four mortals. I cleaned up the mess and smashed a fireplug to wash away the blood. When I was walking out of the street a car rode towards me. The car had Tremere symbols all over it. I met Valeriuz, a Tremere. I took him, well he took me but I was driving his car, to the "Laalaa Club". There I saw Challec again. I had told Jerry what had happened. I saw Challec talking to somebody I couldn't see, so I walked to Jerry and Challec made him visible for me. I said to Jerry this was the guy who shot my bike. Challec said he was sorry and now we're buddies. We like to race a lot.
I can't remember how I met Jennifer (Jerry was Embraced by a member of the clan Baali, which wasn't me because I am a Brujah. William was killed), but Sabbat was ruling the city and then the Camarilla attacked. That's how I found out that they were not what they are supposed to be. In that fight Jack went into Torpor. I decided to become independent. Hell broke loose. I wanted to have a baby from Jerry but that was impossible. I asked the Crystal on the Tremere tower but it wanted me to give my soul and heart to it. I thought that price was too high and I kidnapped an orphan out of an orphanage, not knowing it was also a boardingschool (oops!). So then an angel came upon me. I was so astonished I can't remember what she said. After a fight a gave the child back to the orphanage. Then the biggest fight came, a fight against Shaitan. Jerry went into Torpor and only Jennifer and I survived. I sucked the blood out of two vampires of the Fifth Generation, thus I became a vampire of the Fifth Generation. Then the angel came again, and I remembered what I had promised her. She punished me and gave me the symbol of a Holy Cross on my forehead (it looks like a tattoo).
I took my husband back home. Jennifer and I decided to become Justicar and we went into the Inner Circle. We both got the 'job'. When I came back, strange things happened. I don't really know what, but the only thing I liked was that Jerry came out of Torpor. Now I'm trying to get my life organized again. I'm back in the Camarilla, I'm a Justicar and a Primogen. So that's one thing that is going to be fine for the moment .....
I thought everything was going to be alright; I guess I was wrong. I'm still a Justicar and a Primogen but a lot has happened. I thought I had lost Jerry once and never thought it could happen again. I thought my life was going the right wat for a change. I moved to another house and was living there with Jerry, Jessica and two of my Archons (Ghostie and Jea-Richard a.k.a. 'God'). I talked a lot about children with Jerry and I told him that I really wanted a baby with him. How selfish could one be! Jerry saw how much a baby meant to me and went to a demon and asked it to give me a baby. The demon agreed, but as usual there was a small pirce. His soul, the demon wanted his soul when he was dead. Jerry agreed. Thus I became preganant. I went to a church and an angel told me that the baby wasn't going to be a vampire and that it would grow like a normal child after a month (in one month the baby grew into a twelve-year-old). I carried the baby for one month and I gave birth to it. It was a baby boy; I called him Mikey Jerry Baulch. But one evening came to get Jerry. I didnt' understand it, but now I do: Jerry said the demon could have his soul when he was dead, but he meant FINAL-dead. So I have lost my husband.
I know now what the Holy Cross on my forehead means. It stands for someone who does not go to church and is able to control demons (I never went to church in my life until now, but it isn't very often). There are 5 symbols: the Holy Cross, the Devil's Cross, the Black Heart, the Sun and the Moon. When these symbols are together something will rise up. Nobody knows what that will be. I have one of these symbols (the Holy Cross), Valieriuz has the Devil's Cross (he does go to church and is able to control angels), Leopold has the Moon (he's going to be a Garu), Aikamo has the Black Heart (he fights for the wrong side and he is a vampire from the East). we don't know who has the Sun. We only know he or she is the ultimate protector of the Earth.
I thought my life was going to be normal, I guess I was wrong. I lost almost all of my Archons and I'm afraid I'm going to lose the most precious thing in my life: my son. Mikey Jerry was kidnapped by a demon and I gave a demon my soul to get my son back and I'm willig to give my life, but I will fight for everything that's worth fighting for. I'm not going to give up that easily. If they think I will, they're dead wrong. I'm a Brujah! I don't give up, I fight! So, my enemies, prepare to fight and angry wife, mother and Brujah. I won't be easy, I give you my word!
The world is strange place. You think that something is about to happen and then something else happens. It is so confusing! You think you know a person and then you find out you don't know him at all. I thought I knew my husband, guess not! I thought he was a vampire, seems he is a demon. That's really nice! Well, when he found out I knew he was a demon (Valeriuz had told me), he proposed me a deal: I could be his demonqueen. I said I had to think about it before I made my decision. He agreed. I thought really carefully about it. And to be honest I liked the idea of being a demonqueen. It offered me so many things I wanted. So finally I said yes.
So after a week I was a demon. It felt strange in the beginning. You can be everything or everyone you want to be. And after 201 years I can eat again! Jerry gave me the Laalaa Club and I saw Valeriuz there (he is an angel and he knows I am a demon). I still see him as a friend but that can change... The other vampire still think I'm a vampire, which I appreciate very much because they don't need to know I am a demon. I love the thing I can do now. I can seduce people or vampires easily, because of my appearance (Appearance 10) and Seduction. My son Mikey Jerry is ant-Christ, but I still love him. My family is complete again. And I can have children again. O.K. they will be demons but they are my children and that means a lot to me. I could have known that Jerry was a demon much earlier if I had paid more attetion. But I didn't so let's see what's going to happen next.