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Ranks Within Caverns_Of_Blood

The Prince
The title "prince" is simply that - a title given to formalize a role, whether that role is held by a man or a woman.   A prince does not "reign" over a city.  His role is more like that of an overseer or magistrate than that of a monarch.  He is the judge who settles disputes between Kindred, the ultimate authority on the Traditions as they relate to his city, and the keeper of the peace.  Above all, his concern is the Masquerade and its preservation.  Whether this means he regularly scours his city for Sabbat or keeps a strangle hold on the wilder elemnts is up to him.  

The Seneschal
This is one position that many princes would like to do without, but which occassionally is necessary.  One prince described the filling of this postion to be akin to choosing which knife to put at her throat.  A seneschal is meant to be a chamberlain, a second-in-commnad and an advisor to the prince.  At any time, he may be asked to step into the prince's place if she leaves town on business, abdicates or is slain.  Naturally, a prince wishes to have final authority on such an important position, and many have fought endlessly with their primogen over the subject.  This is a dangerous position in more ways than one - familiarity with the subject can give one ideas.

The Sheriff
Most sheriffs are appointed by the prince and approved by the primogen.  While the job description may vary from city to city, the sheriffs prime job is to be the prince's "enforcer," the vampire who hauls offenders into court, keeps order on the streets, and generally stands ready to assist witht he "muscle" aspects of ruling.  Sheriffs may select deputies, who occassionally require the prince's approval.

The Scourge
As the nights grow more and more violent and the cities fill with unknown Kindred, some princes have resurrected this ancient position.  Essentially , the scrourge patrols the borders of a princedom, seeking out and often destroying newcomers who have failed to present themselves.  Caitiff, as well as the fledglings of the 13th, 14th and 15th generations, have much to fear from the scourge.  In some cases, even vampires who have followed protocol fall victim to the scrourge, as princes reflexively reach to fears of overpopulation and espionage. 

The Justicars
These seven mighty vampires are the judges appointed by the Inner Circle to be the Camarilla's, eyes, hands and, if necessary, fists.  Justicars have the only true authority across the Camarilla and all Kindred, with the exception of the Inner Circle.  They alone have the ultimate power to adjudicate matters regarding the Traditions.  No one is considered to be above them in this.  It is Justicars who decide the punishment for those who have violated the Traditions on a widespread level; the one being judged may not expect mercy.  Justicars are supposed to call for a conclace when they wish to pass judgment, but over the years this lapsed as they grew in power.  Justicars have the authority to call a conclave at any time, either to confirm a ruling or to make certain decisions that one justicar alone does not wish to burden himself with.

The Archons
Each Justicar selects a number of minions, known as archons, to act in his name as suits his purposes.  If the justicars are the hands of the Inner Circle, then the archons are the fingers on those hands.  No justicar can be everywhere he might need, or wish to be, and archons can often make certain his presence is felt if not seen.  Archons, although they are part of the Camarilla hierarchy of power, are not so far removed from typical Kindred unlife that they cannot observe it or gain the trust of other Kindred outside the hierachy; this makes them ideal watchers.  Some Kindred attempt to gain favorable attention from an archon, in the hope that she will mention them to her master.  Such attempts often backfire, as continued efferts to curry favor are more likely to encourage suspicion.
The Primogen
The primogen are the assembled elders of each clan in a city.  Most often, each clan has a representative primogen, but in some cities a prince refuses to allow a given clan to place a member on this council of elders.  In theory, primogen represent their clans among the political body of elders, but in practive the primogen are more often an "old vampires' club" and an incestuous nest of treachery and favor-currying.  Primogen - the term refers to individual members as well as the collected body - convene at the prince's discretion.  In cities with powerful or despotic princes, the primogen may be nothing more than a figurehead, while in other cities princes govern solely at the whim of the elder council.

The Whip
Primogen occasionally keep whips as assistants.  Not much different from the whips in mortal government, the whip's job is to goad and encourage discussion and decision-making during clan meetings, and to keep the clan updated on their primogen members' doings.  Whips are selected by the primogen.